Science Developing to Better Cater Prescriptions to the Individual

No human problem has a universal solution. You can tell people to stop spending now, and to save for a better future; but a man starving now would be stupid to worry more about his future. You can tell people to pay for a jet to travel faster, but a man with a teleportation device […]

More Information Needs to Be Available to Prevent Illness

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. Some people are lucky enough to clear the infection on their own, but for others, it can cause genital warts, as well as cancer of the genital area or throat. About 12,000 U.S. women are diagnosed every year with cervical cancer, often caused […]

Saudi Arabia Upcoming in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

You might not associate Saudi Arabia with much other than oil, but according to recent studies, they have much, much more to offer. A press release recently published on says that Saudi Arabia is in a prime position to grow their pharmaceutical industry. ¬†According to the article, Saudi Arabian organizations accounted for more than […]