Interests outside of Biopharmaceuticals

Daniel Bednarik Daniel Bednarik has completed years of higher education and studies within the field of biochemistry and the surrounded areas, and most of his employment experience has been in the field of biopharmaceutical research; an area he finds truly fascinating and which he is passionate about.  At this point in time, Daniel Bednarik is a Senior Consultant defining the funding and operations for a new immunotherapy approach that will be paradigm-changing and completely proprietary.  Details are pending closure of financing.

Outside of his career, which he has dedicated a great deal of his time and energy to, Daniel has a number of interests and hobbies that he enjoys to pursue.  These include modern art, rugby, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing, along with gardening, boating, beach activities and travel.  As he is passionate about his career, he also enjoys learning more about recent scientific discoveries and new technology in his free time, and he is especially interested in information, studies and news revolving around heart failure or cardiovascular issues.

Daniel often combines his interests with travel.  For example, he enjoys trips to the beach with his family, visiting museums in the area or traveling to explore museums he has not yet visited, or planning a long weekend trip to go fishing/hunting with friends.  He enjoys watching the sport of Rugby as well as playing, and spends a portion of his free time taking care of his garden at home.  He is interested in learning about new methods of gardening and the different care needed for specific types of plants.

Living in Maryland, Daniel Bednarik enjoys fishing and can indulge in this hobby greatly, due to all of the excellent locations for fishermen to pursue their sport.  Among the best locations is the Chesapeake Bay, where charter boats are available for fishing trips.  In the Chesapeake Bay, the most commonly found types of fish are Rock fish, Black Drum, Flounder, Gray Trout, Croacker, and Bluefish.  Another great spot for any dedicated fisherman is  the Savage River/Reservoir, where one can reel in trout or try out one of the many great fly fishing.  A couple other spots that fishermen enjoy and tend to be successful at are the Potomac River, Liberty Reservoir and Deep Creek Lake.

Modern Art has always been of interest to Daniel, he enjoys frequenting museums whenever he can in his free time as well.  Daniel enjoys expanding his knowledge of his interests whenever he can; his thirst for knowledge expanding  beyond his career and into his personal life and hobbies.